Trust: The Customer’s Dilemma

September 3, 2008 § 1 Comment

Most people are a little timid when talking jewelry with a jeweler. The language may seem the same, but there are subtle definition differences that can be confusing. And there are so many aspects of stones, gems and metals that most customers are left to trust the jeweler they’re working with to tell them what they’re looking for.

As a jewelry designer and fabricator, I want my customers (and potential customers) to be well educated. That way they know what they are looking for and because of that, they know they can trust me.

The internet has led people into the jewelery buying arena without the information they need to make good decisions. And it isn’t their fault. Jewelers, gem cutters and the like have studied the various attributes of a large variety of precious and semi-precious stones, gems and metals; they have tested samples, handled, set, or otherwise worked with samples, good and bad examples of the very pieces the customer will one day purchase.

Why am I saying this? Several reasons, really. First, I know that people can learn what they need to in order to select and purchase their jewelry. I want them to know what I’m talking about and not wonder if what I’m saying is a lot of nonsense. And as a jewelry designer I work with people to build pieces of jewelry that speak to them, that are precisely what they want. It’s much easier to do that when they ask me to purchase a stone for them. Without adequate knowledge of gems, it’s far too easy to pick up a good deal that isn’t what they thought. As a jeweler, I need to know what I’m working with in order to create the jewelry my customers want.

Periodically I will be writing up information on a precious or semi-precious stone or gem, or offering information on gemstone qualities and how to interpret them for your own knowledge and use. Previously I had written about Agate, and while that post will remain here, the longer articles will also be published at our business website, , where information about our jewelry and our company can be found. Look for the announcement when we get it put together.



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  • Izzy says:

    I agree with you whole heartedly that one should know their gems esp. if they are the real thing. If a person purchases a semi-precious gem or a piece of jewellery it must call to them otherwise they will not enjoy their piece in the end.

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