Who Are We: Why Social Networking Isn’t Always Easy

August 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

One of the more interesting aspects of online business is socializing. Not always a priority of mine when I have some work calling to me, socializing means conforming to some sort of protocol. Someone else answers the phone when I’m at my bench working hard. But when I’m online, no matter the task, I’m at the proverbial phone. So I’m the one answering.

As a part of a social network for marketing and advertising, I’m learning some interesting things…the first of which is how to be sociable on a blog. In that spirit I’ve taken some time to share a little bit about our business and our jewelry. This latest lesson has come from my teammate Joella at Always Wired BeadLady. Where her work and style differ from mine, her attention to detail and love of creating are a match. So, at her behest…

Random Facts

It is possible to catch a porcupine and take quills from them. You must, however, hold them upside down by the tail and you cannot, I repeat, cannot, hold them there upside down for long…it will kill them.

Now I can’t say I’ve ever gotten quills for jewelry in this way…or that I’ve ever considered it…but I kindof like that someone has. It reminds me that jewelers can be brave.

No, you won’t find the jewelry we currently have for sale made of porcupine quills. Both my husband and I have, at various times, used the quills in our jewelry. His jewelry is a combination of modern influences and styles and more traditional Native American jewelry.

Not all jewelry is created equal…environmentally speaking, that is. My husband and I have spent a lot of time and effort in learning how to be as environmentally and socially responsible as we can in our jewelry business. Our metals are obtained through Hoover & Strong, and are all 100% recycled. This means we can make you something beautiful without further harm to the earth. We hope our customers feel as good about this as we do.

My favorite present from my husband was a hammer…and his friends think he’s the luckiest guy around because of it. I love making jewelry, and I love working with good tools. So when I’m learning new techniques, when I’ve worn out a tool, or just because, my husband knows he can get me something I’m sure to love AND sure to use.

I saw a picture of a silver tree that was actually grown. It was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Even more beautiful than the molten lead my father used to make his sinkers for fishing. But it took starting a business to teach me more about the elements than I ever knew in highschool.

  • Ag = Silver              Au = Gold
  • Cu = Copper           Rh = Rhodium
  • Ge = Germanium   Ti = Titanium
  • Pt = Platinum         Pd = Paladium
  • Ni = Niobium          Hg = Mercury

(Which of the above should not be a part of your jewelry?)

What does Sterling Silver mean, anyway? Our first order for chains (we only make some) led me to ask a lot of questions. Within the first week or so the chains tarnished, and shouldn’t have. I cleaned them, thinking they may have been older but kept them aside regardless. And I called our supplier of chains, who was appalled and ready to ship more chains pronto. But first I wanted answers.

The answers…Nearly anything can be considered sterling silver if it contains the minimum .925 silver (92.5%). Usually the rest is copper, but it doesn’t need to be. And our supplier didn’t know what the other 7.5% could be.

Not only did we change suppliers, we changed our way of doing business. We sought out information on better grades of sterling silver and discovered Argentium Sterling Silver…which is an amazing product, replacing the copper (or whatever mix) with germanium. The result, much less tarnish and trouble.

We now use Argentium Silver…anyone who would prefer Sterling Silver can be accomodated, but I will soundly recommend Argentium.

If you’re interested, here is some information…http://www.argentiumsilver.info

Or you could always ask me.

Oh, and there are some of my teammates in marketing that I would like to introduce you to. They have, in their way, inspired me to greater work, to be seen later this month. I hope you take a look. I’m sure their inspiration and style will capture a lot of attention.


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