Faux Filigree and something more

July 16, 2008 § 1 Comment

It’s been a week for fiddling with wire. In the midst of the chaos I managed to find time to play and then shoot some of what I was working on. These pieces are photographed straight from the pickle and before getting tossed back in there (I use vinegar and a bit of water). Tomorrow they’ll be cleaned up and/or worked on some more. It depends on how far each piece needs to go.

So here is the first, a beginning. It’s white from being heated and in the pickle. With some work it will be more



round, finished, with more wire in it and some silver balled and fused on. (Remember, this is Argentium Sterling Silver, and as such, it fuses to itself rather than needing solder.)

Below this is the next step of this process…

This is a little more worked, with the silver ball added.

For Sasha

For Sasha

Here you can see the shaping of the silver is easy to do. The Argentium Sterling Silver is dead soft. Combined with heating, I have some play and more control over what happens.

You’ll have to wait to see this one finished, though.

Another piece I’m working on is definitely outside of my comfort zone.

Field Bouquet

Field Bouquet

Here is something I’m enjoying putting together. I’ll be adding a few more pieces and it will be a pin/pendant combination.

I hope to have these finished this weekend (busy week), and pictures up Monday. A lot of finishing up, cleaning, polishing before they’re ready for sale.



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