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June 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

What I am working on now is quite an undertaking. One of my sisters-in-law/in-heart passed away This past month. She was a brilliant and creative woman…a writer and a woman who loved to live each moment as though she were taking it in to sustain her. She was funny, warm, loving, and rarely without a smile on her face.

To honor her, and the rest of the family, I began a piece called Love Medicine. It involves strawberries and is related to the Oneida people, in which half of my family is enrolled. The piece is a variable sort, with silver and copper, and I’ll be using some interesting techniques. I’ll be heating and shaping the leaves on a sandbag in heavy duty canvas, using some sweat soldering techniques for some of the leaf details, and add the strawberries…which are hammered argentium sterling silver.

This week I’m planning on taking the pictures I’ve proctrastinated on so everyone can see what’s available for sale as well as what I’ve been doing.



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