Jewelry Care and Cleaning

March 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Cleaning tarnished sterling silver jewelry*Do not use with pearls, stones or gems without your jeweler’s recommendation.

  1. Line a heat-proof dish with foil.
  2. Place jewelry in dish with as much contact with the foil as possible.
  3. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon baking soda on top.
  4. Fill to cover with very hot water (not boiling)
  5. Leave items in solution for at least 5 minutes, up to 15 minutes.
  6. Remove jewelry and rinse thoroughly.

 Jewelry Care Tips

  1. Wrap jewelry individually in paper (non-tarnish paper is ideal, and available in most sewing and hobby stores) or in a box with compartments so they don’t scratch each other
  2. Use a soft cloth to clean porous gems like lapis, turquoise, jade and malachite.
  3. Avoid heat and strong light on your Opals because it can dry them out.
  4. Put a ring holder next to the sink to catch your rings while washing your hands so they don’t wander down the drain
  5. Avoid getting lotions, perfumes, oils or other chemicals on your jewelry. If you use lotions regularly, clean ring with a soft cleaning cloth nightly. Damage and tarnish may occur regardless of cleaning, since any and all contact with oils, lotions, and chemicals can harm jewelry
  6. Avoid wearing jewelry when using chemicals or gardening, or when playing sports or other activities where jewelry may be subject to sharp blows.
  7. Do not use paper towels for cleaning. They can scratch metal jewelry and pearls.
  8. Clean your earring posts and wires with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  9. Try a Water Pik® to clean imbedded materials in chains.
  10. Diamonds are brittle and can be chipped, so wear them with extra care.
  11. Check with your jeweler to see if your stones are treated and what special care must be given to treated stones.
  12. Stones and gems can crack if subjected to sudden temperature changes.

Care for Gold Filled Jewelry1.        Don’t wear your gold filled jewelry while bathing.  Soap film will dull your piece2.      Ionic cleaners are superior in that they can eliminate tarnish and can be used on almost all stones.3.      Chlorine might damage or discolor your gold filled jewelry4.      Rubbing alcohol will remove grease from your gold jewelry


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